Switch Bakery is now available on Royal Oaks Produce
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Switch Bakery is now available on Royal Oaks Produce

Great news! Our (very rad) sandwich bread loaves, carrot cardamom bread, and a few of our sweet things are now available through Royal Oaks Produce. 

Since you can’t be everywhere all at once, and you definitely can’t make it to every farmers market in Monterey & Santa Cruz county … Royal Oaks Produce does it all for you. 

Kelly created an impressive delivery service, delivering to homes all over the Central Coast. That means, you can add our delicious bread to your order along with produce from your favorite growers and artisan producers including jam crafters, pasta makers, dairy farmers, tea proprietors, nut roasters, olive growers, and gluten-free bakers (yes, that would be ussss!) 

True to form, our menu will be switching there too. February's menu includes plain and seeded sandwich loaves, a full loaf of carrot cardamom tea cake, mini loaves of morning glory, and a bakers dozen of our 1 oz chocolate chunk cookies. 

No subscription is required and delivery is free (with a minimum order of $45 from Carmel Valley all the way to Capitola/Soquel & $100 minimum order from the westside of Santa Cruz allll the way up to the Sant Cruz mountains. (Helloooo Boulder Creek friends!)

Order when and what you want. They deliver on Thursdays. Visit RoyalOaksProduce.com to see what it's all about & get started!