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Our Gluten-free Ingredients

Find out why our gluten-free, keto, and vegan baked goods are so amazing. Hint: It starts with the ingredients!

Ingredient Philosophy 

Every Ingredient Is Important
In our quest to create the best breads, cakes, and beyond … we sourced, tested, and baked our way through some amazing ingredients. From gluten-free flour to cocoa powder to kosher pasture-raised organic gelatin – we like to keep our ingredient lists really simple and organic, choosing our sources wisely. 

Simple gluten-free flour blends, cage-free organic eggs, organic & local dairy, organic cane sugar grown sustainably in Paraguay, locally grown herbs, fair trade and organic cocoa powder, organic avocado and olive oils are the stars of our bakery creations. The combination of these things is pure magic. 

Out-Of-This-World & All Natural
We don’t use corn products, period. Corn can be sneaky, getting onto ingredient lists in unexpected ways, specially in gluten-free bakeries. We don't use corn syrups or starches, and we definitely don't fortify our gluten-free doughs with corn starch. We also skip psyllium husk, artificial flavors and colors, genetically modified everything, and excessive plastic packaging. If you ever need more information on ingredients, or the source of our ingredients -- email us at This may sound funny, but we are real proud of our ingredient lists, and seriously love to answer these questions! 

Did you spot caramel coloring on an ingredient list? Ya, we made that by heating sugar to a deep dark brown color. What about that lovely yellow glaze on our lemon tea cake? That's enhanced by organic ground turmeric that boosts the glaze to a lovely hue and adds a round flavor note to the tart lemon juice. 

Simplified Packaging 
Each bread item in your order is packed in paper. As soon as you receive it, put it into a sealed container and refrigerate or freeze until use. Cupcakes are packed in a recyclable plastic clam-shell, and everything else in old school paper bakery boxes. 

Let's Celebrate!
If you are going to celebrate with a treat, let's make it the best way we can — with awesome ingredients + a whole lotta love! We love to celebrate! If your order is better with a candle, tell us & we'll pack one on top. Birthday, anniversary, just because, lucky day ... we got you.