Gluten Free Bread Delivery Fox on a Bike


Find the answers to your burning questions about our gluten-free bakery in Monterey, California.
How do you make gluten-free bread that is soooo delicious? How do I get my hands on those sugar-free donuts? Why are marshmallow topped cakes so good?
Let's get to it.

1) Allergies
This is most important, so I’ll start here. We use nuts, dairy, eggs, and soy as raw ingredients in our bakery kitchen. Even with the most careful precautions in place, including separate production days and a careful cleaning process. The risk of cross-contamination is small, but there are still risks. 

If you have an allergy to something besides wheat, let us know in your order. We are happy to adjust, or find something that will work for you. 

2) I had one of your gluten-free buns at a local restaurant, how can I buy some?
Among the most fun projects we've taken on this year, we are supplying our gluten-free buns to Chubbs Chicken Sandwiches in Santa Cruz. They load them up with gluten-free fried chicken and a bunch of house-made toppings. You can also find our gluten-free rolls serving as a rad foundation for Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing's cubaño and bánh mì sandwiches.

These have been so well-loved we made them available for your own kitchen. Join our bread club and get some rad gluten-free bread delivered to your door however frequently you choose. We can also mail them overnight if you are in California. 

3) Do you hand-deliver around the Monterey Bay?
Yes! When you place your order you’ll have the chance to choose a delivery day. We are delivering a few days a week to each city around the Monterey Bay area. Place your order, choose your frequency, and just like magic our amazing gluten-free bread will land on your doorstep. Here’s our current delivery schedule: 

Santa Cruz County: Mondays & Wednesday
  Currently delivering to: Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, and limited areas in Scotts Valley & Watsonville. 

Monterey County: Tuesday, Thursday, and by special appointment. 
  Current delivering to: Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, Sand City, Pebble Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and limited areas in Marina & Carmel Valley. 

Delivery is included in the price. So easy, right? If you are in the limited coverage neighborhoods in Santa Cruz & Monterey County (hello Salinas, Boulder Creek, etc..!), we can ship a box to you, arriving next-day, for no charge. 

Pro tip - place your order and pick it up from our market stand. We are in Downtown Monterey on Tuesday evenings and in Carmel-by-the-Sea on Thursday mornings. 

4) Do you ship?
Yes!. We’d be happy to ship you a box of delicious things. Not everything ships well, so we aren't shipping anything perishable, like a fresh cake. Addresses in California ship for $6 and arrive in 1-2 days. Outside California, $11 and arrives in 2-days. 

5) What's your return or cancellation policy?
Our bakery treats are guaranteed to be well loved! While this rarely happens, if your delivery arrives in anything less than delicious condition, we'll deliver a new box or issue a refund. Monthly bread box subscriptions can be canceled anytime. Just log in to your account and cancel. Or send us an email, we’d be happy to complete a cancellation for you. 

6) Can I place an order for a special event or a party? 
If you know us, you know we love a good party! So, the short answer is yes! The longer answer is email us and give us all the details including date, what type of food or desserts you're hoping for and we will follow up with some ideas! 

If there is something you are looking for, but don't see on the site - ask & receive! We are happy to make your favorite cake, a special cookie, a traditional bread .... whatever it is, count us in for making it. 

7) Can I have the complete list of ingredients?
Short answer is yes! We are proud of our ingredient lists, and love to show them off. 

The longer answer is send us an email ( with a brief description of what it is and we'll take it from there. Your description could simply be: a piece of chocolate bundt cake with coconut on top, a sandwich bread from Chubbs Chicken, a chocolate cupcake from Cruise Coffee, etc... 

8) Who are you guys, and how do you make all these different delicious things?
Amanda here. I co-founded this company with my husband Joshua long before we were married. That’s a whole other love story. I’ve been baking and shipping really delicious mallow-topped cakes over at for many years. There is nothing better than being a part of your celebrations. After Joshua's 20th crohn's disease related surgery in late 2022 we simplified, focused, and added Switch Bakery to the party.  With the every switching menu we are swapping things around, switching things up -- from the menu to the delivery method, your expectations of what gluten-free food tastes like to what a sandwich could be. You can always find us at two markets in Monterey County (more to come, for sure) while we dream of a cafe space to fall into our hot little hands. 

Follow us on Instagram to see what we are up to, or subscribe to our substack to catch new recipes, tips, tools to help your gluten-free baking projects, and whatever else we are excited about! You'll find both free & paid subscriptions available.

Read more about our ingredient philosophy right over here

9) Can you point me to the most popular party desserts?
Our well-loved chocolate cake with marshmallows on top is at the top of this list. Double vanilla birthday cake with berries and our sugar-free cakes round out the top 3. Cookie pies and brownie s’mores are definitely in a tight match for 4th and 5th places of this competition. 

10) What’s your favorite thing Joshua makes at home?
Oh, this is a hard question. Did I already tell you about Joshua’s life as a fine dining chef? He was doing pop-ups and experiential dinners long before anyone had the words to describe what was happening. The food in our house is pretty epic. We successfully raised 4 daughters who rarely experienced the joys of packaged food, but definitely know how to get the biggest piece of tahdig, how to make really good sushi, and the importance of stocking your fridge with things from local farms. 

Ok, back to the question - I love it when he goes on a run with seasonal ingredients or a regional cuisine and starts bending all the rules, switching everything up. Tahdig waffles was a mind bender, topped with sabzi and short ribs. His vegan clam chowder with lemongrass scented coconut milk, potatoes and mushrooms was an MVP last winter, and tikka masala pizza is out of this world. 

11) What's your favorite thing Amanda makes?
I hate to say cookies all the time, but cookies. I am also a fan of the steakhouse baguette.

12) What's the best way to store gluten-free bread
Sounds funny, but oof! This is a big question. There are so many approaches to storing and eating gluten-free bread. 

Here are a few things to remember as you create the best storage approach in your kitchen: 
  1. Gluten-free bread has a high moisture content. Good choices are reusable plastic containers that can fit a whole loaf, or a bunch of buns with room for air to circulate. Paper bags get wet and soggy. Sealed plastic bags promote condensation and the bread ends up wet and soggy. 
  2. Heating or toasting gluten-free bread really makes it come alive. The starches get stiff pretty quick, but a little bit of heat softens them right up. Make good use of your toaster, a quick trip under a broiler, or a warm pan. 
  3. Take the time stepped approach for storage:
  • 0-2 Days: Counter top! I really like the texture of fresh soft bread, so I keep it on the counter and use it within 2 days of baking. 
  • 2-7 days: Fridge - in a roomy, re-sealable container. 
  • 7-30 days: Freezer - well wrapped to protect from freezer burn.