Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Straight up chocolate chunk cookies are one of those things that is always a good idea.

6 - Half-dozen large chocolate chunk 3oz/cookies $18

12 - A dozen small chocolate chunk cookies, 1 oz/cookies $12
A long time ago, I had a funny conversation with a very famous pastry chef. He told me that the secret to his chocolate chunk cookie recipe was 1) use best ingredients (ya uh huh) and 2) sift the chocolate before adding it, so you don’t get any of the tiny chocolate pieces or dust in your cookie. He said it muddies the cookie. 

I’m here to tell you my secret to our fabulously rad chocolate chunk cookie is also 1) use best ingredients and most importantly 2) add every bit of the chopped chocolate … from chunks to dust. This way, chocolate is in every bite…. Tiny flakes, chunks, big pools. It’s all in there. 

Hands down the best chocolate chunk cookie I can find. Doesn’t matter if you know it’s gluten free. 

Choose the big 3 ounce size packed in sets of six, or the smaller 1 ounce size packed in sets of a dozen.

These cookies are made with organic butter, brown & cane sugars, a whisper of molasses, and our gluten-free flour blend. The real star here is the chopped 66% semi sweet chocolate from a Santa Cruz based chocolatier. Carrying notes of deep cocoa and dried cherry. Lecithin free, this chocolate tastes amazing and keeps our ingredient list squeaky clean! 

contains: egg and dairy