Sugar-Free Coffee Cake

Sugar-free & keto-friendly almond coffee cake

Vanilla Bean with Fresh Berries $25

Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake $25
Introducing a delicious new dessert to our sugar-free, keto-friendly, low carb/high fat dessert line up.

Whew … that checks a lot of boxes. But this is worth it.

We've created a few fabulous coffee cakes, each made with almond flour, lightly sweetened with monk fruit and a very small amount of a house-blend that includes chicory root, inulin, and allulose. Our coffee cakes get their lift from a lengthy mixing technique that includes stiff egg whites and a lot of folding. The result is a fluffy coffee cake that is worthy of a dessert plate.

Ready for the line-up details? Let's get to it.

Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake
A rich spiced cake with a buttery cocoa and walnut streusel on top. Enjoy it cold or pan-toasted.

Vanilla Bean Cake with Fresh Berries
Loaded with notes of sweet cream, vanilla bean, and ripe berry. A vanilla bean almond cake topped with a cream cheese glaze and finished with fresh berries. The firm texture makes it great for serving on a dessert plate, or slice and lift a piece right out of the pan. Berries change with the seasons, currently serving with raspberries.

Each loaf cake weights approximately 17 ounces. Loafs are delivered whole with ~8 slices per loaf.

Made with gluten-free ingredients. Contains tree nuts, dairy, egg

Coffee Cake Serving Tips:
These coffee cakes pair well with a hot cup of coffee for a brunch style dessert, tea for an evening dessert, or pan-toasted with butter for an afternoon delight. 
    ❄️ Enjoy them cold. The fats and monk fruit land on your tongue better this way.
    ⌛️ Best within 7 days of delivery. Freeze any desserts that won't be enjoyed before then - thaws in less than 30 minutes.