Deli Style Marbled Rye

A gluten-free whole grain rye loaf with a pumpernickel swirl.

Deli Style Rye Loaf $14
What can you say about a slice of bread that is chewy, flavorful, and carries the flavors of a traditional dark rye bread? Our rye bread is made with our gluten-free flour blend, enriched with oat flour made with sprouted oats from One Degree Organics and brown rice flour. Freshly ground caraway seeds carry the rye bread notes. Complete with a pumpernickel swirl made with cocoa powder, molasses, and coffee. 

Load it up with butter and Spring radish, or your favorite tuna salad. Serve it on your snack board, or pack a slice for a hike with your favorite trail butter. 

Each loaf weighs 23 ounces. Made by hand, some slight variations occur.