Gluten-Free Baguette

A fresh, crusty, gluten-free baguette.

Gluten-free Baguette $7

2 - A pair of gluten-free baguettes $12

We think these are pretty special, and I think you will too.

While dining at a local restaurant, a waiter stopped by to put bread on our table. Our youngest daughter asked if they had a gluten-free baguette available. The server tried not to laugh, and said I'm not sure you can even make one of those. This was a staple in our house, and it should be in yours too!

A good gluten-free bread is like magic
A good crusty baguette can be used to make a French bread pizza or garlic bread. Butter it up and scoop some sauce. Or pan toast a slice a load it with avocado or an egg.

These sell out so quick at every market! If you want to make sure you get one, order and assign it for market pick it up.

The regular baguette weighs approximately 10 ounces. 

Made with gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan ingredients.