Gluten-Free Sandwich Buns

The best option for your burger or sandwich.

4 - Gluten-free Sandwich Buns $10
Hand made with super simple ingredients just living their best toasty life.

Our fresh gluten-free buns are being served at Chubbs Chicken Sandwiches in Santa Cruz.... and now in your kitchen!

Skip the lettuce wrap - enjoy a bun!
We set out to make a really good bun that could hold a hot sandwich together, or a cold one, without getting soggy or turning to dust with one bite. We accomplished that in this bun, which is really a fantastic piece of bread that is up to whatever task you assign it.

Our buns are chewy, fluffy, and taste like a delicious yeasted bread. They can stand up to a saucy sandwich, or piled high with your favorite burger inside. With simple ingredients that include our gluten-free flour blend, salt, and yeast. Seriously ... so simple. Brushed with organic avocado oil before they bake, their tops are golden brown.