Matcha Crinkle

Could this be the best cookie ever? Packed in sets of 3.

3 - matcha crinkle cookies 2.5oz/eaches $9
I was on a mission. I needed a crinkle cookie, but it couldn't be a cocoa crinkle. What were my options ... hmmm ... Oh! This lovely matcha tea has been cruising around the kitchen waiting for this moment all season. 

We served these for a week. Shortly after the Carmel-by-the-Sea market, I received the sweetest email from a customer that just happened to enjoy one. She said it had been decided that this was the best cookie she had ever tasted. Now, every time we serve them we get similar responses. Is it the really good, very strong but mellow matcha? Maybe. But it could be something else, like all of the hopes, dreams and good vibes we mixed in. 🥰 

A chewy, cake-y crinkle cookie loaded with the bright, sweet and vegetal notes of matcha. With a classic crinkle top, the powdered sugar lands on your tongue first, giving you a hit of sweetness followed by the nuanced flavors of a really good matcha tea. 

Packed in sets of three. Each cookie weights approximately 2.5 ounces.