Monogrammed Party Cake

A customized triple layer cake. You choose the flavors and monogram style, we'll deliver an out-of-this-world cake.

Triple Layer Custom Flavor $60
Three layers of your choice of cake. Filled with our light and fluffy Swiss meringue, filling of your choice, topped with fresh berries and a monogram if you so desire. 

Here are a few flavor ideas to get you inspired: 
🍓 3 vanilla cake layers, filled with fresh strawberries, topped with berry meringue, and fresh berries. (as pictured)
🍫 2 chocolate and 1 matcha cake layer, filled with raspberry meringue, topped with vanilla bean meringue, fresh berries, and a chocolate monogram. 
🥥 3 coconut cake layers, filled with mango ganache, topped with vanilla meringue and coconut, white chocolate monogram. 

Place your order, we'll follow up to customize your cake. 

Made with gluten-free ingredients. Includes egg and dairy.