Brown Bread

For the sandwich of your dreams

Gluten-Free Pumpernickel Loaf $14

Warm pumpernickel bread with butter is a simple delight. Traditional pumpernickel bread is dense and chewy, packing an earthy note from the ground rye flour. Since we are gluten-free bakers around here, this bread doesn’t include any rye flour, but it definitely checks all of the boxes with its chewy texture, dark rich color, and deep earthy notes. 

We boosted our house flour blend with gluten-free oat and brown rice flours to get the dense chewy whole grain texture. While molasses and cocoa bring the dark color and rich flavors. 

Available as a 23 oz sliceable loaf. 

Serve warm with butter, toast and fill with your dream sandwich toppings, or add it to your next charcuterie or cheese & fruit tray.

Gluten-free and vegan ingredients. Made by hand, some slight variations occur.