Sugar-Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie

with pecans, coconut, and chocolate chunks

6 - Six-pack of Sugar-Free Cookies $18
A legit cookie. Without any sugar. How does that work? Come with me on a short journey ... 

Sometimes you just need a chocolate chunk cookie, but not the sugar. So we made one! I took the same approach as I did in creating our well-loved chocolate chunk cookie and made a few ingredient swaps along the way. 

Made with our gluten-free flour blend, organic butter and eggs, and sweetened with our house-made sweetener blend that includes pure monk fruit, allulose, and inulin. 

Next we load the cookie dough with chopped pecans, shredded coconut, and 100% chocolate. Not just any 100% chocolate, it's a single-origin chocolate from Uganda roasted and packed by White Label in Santa Cruz. 

Packed in sets of 6.