Tea Cake Loaves

Choose only one if you dare. Slice it, serve it, enjoy!

Morning Glory Loaf $15

Banana Bread $14

Carrot Cardamom Loaf $14
We built a menu that switches often. But let me tell you about the time we tried to switch out these tea cakes - whew! I'll never do that again. Now permanent members of our menu - order one for market pick up or delivery!

Carrot Cardamom: Super simple ingredients, plus a whole lot of fresh carrot, give us a flavorful, fluffy cake with a delightful spice blend that includes cardamom and cinnamon.

Morning Glory: Packed full of apples, carrots, coconut, pecans, and fresh pineapple (when available) — it’s amazing how this morning glory muffin bread even keeps it together. But it does with the help of a unique gluten-free flour blend, organic eggs, avocado oil, and a smidge of sugar. Gently spiced with cinnamon.

Banana Bread: This bread is nostalgic -- almost like you've had it a million times. It's simple, a classic. But like most things, we just had to change it up a little. A little less cinnamon so the bananas have a chance to shine through. Fresh ginger for a bright background note, and avocado oil to keep it moist and soft. 

All three of these loaves are gluten-free and dairy-free. Delightful straight out of the bag with coffee or tea, toasted (or not!) with a smear of butter, or as the base of a dessert -- just add ice cream. 

Each loaf is approximate 24 ounces, and packed whole/unsliced.