Our famous sugar free almond cake donuts
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Our famous sugar free almond cake donuts

There are approximately 1 thousand reasons why you’d want to enjoy one of our almond flour donuts. Top of my list — they are a nutrition power house in the form of a pastry.

They can be equally enjoyed on a long bike ride, a slow breakfast with coffee, while out on an adventure, or a mid day desk snack. They are high in fat and protein, low in carbs, and free of grains and sugar. Better than that — The ingredient list is short, simple, and organic: almond flour, eggs, butter, vanilla, cinnamon, monk fruit. 

These donuts have made their way to people for a variety of reasons - from preferences to nutrition needs. But if you are like me, and think they are simply delicious — that’s reason enough!

These babes are only available here, at the market, or as an add on for subscriber boxes.